The US has allocated 1.2 billion dollars for a coronavirus vaccine from the UK

The money was allocated through the channels of the American Ministry of health to the British-Swedish concern AstraZeneca. This company is ready to release up to a billion doses of anti-coronavirus vaccine and is looking for buyers.

The US has allocated $ 1.2 billion to the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to develop a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the us Department of health and the British-Swedish concern said on Thursday, may 21. This money will speed up the development of the vaccine and ensure the delivery of millions of doses of the drug to the United States.

The vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca is still in the test stage. According to the concern, the company has the capacity to produce one billion doses of the vaccine and is looking for buyers. AstraZeneca has already secured promises to purchase at least 400 million doses from it. The vaccine is being developed by specialists from the University of Oxford.

In the UK, the first trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine began in April. According to the plans, the company will provide deliveries to the United Kingdom in September. In the US, the launch of deliveries is scheduled for late autumn. AstraZeneca’s anti – coronavirus vaccine is just one of many currently being tested around the world.

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