The mayor of new York urged the U.S. government to “save” his city

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has called on the United States Federal government to “save” his city, where the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic continues. According to the mayor of the largest American megalopolis, which is most severely affected by the spread of the disease in comparison with other cities in the country, it is necessary to achieve basic goals in ensuring public health before the economic life of New York and other us agglomerations can be “successfully restarted”.

– “There should be a really clear understanding that if we can’t provide basic services (in health care) for our people, then you can say goodbye to your recovery,” bill — de Blasio said at a news conference today, April 16, CNN reports.

The new York mayor noted that he supports the bill proposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer for the next round of emergency funding. The legislative initiative of congressional Democrats includes $ 150 billion for state and local governments, $ 100 billion for medical institutions, as well as additional funds for programs to support small businesses and distribute food stamps to the population.

– “I would ask the President (Donald trump) and the leader (of the Republican majority in the Senate) Mitch McConnell: the first thing you should think about is the human cost, ” de Blasio said. — It should be a moral question. It should be a simple question.”

As EADaily reported, new York state Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on April 13 that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is “over.” Cuomo and his colleagues from New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Delaware have begun to develop a plan to resume social and economic activity in the northeastern region of the United States. According to him, representatives of health and economic authorities from the six States will immediately begin to develop strategies to ease restrictions that have almost stopped a significant part of daily life. Later, Cuomo’s office said that the” coalition ” would include the state of Massachusetts.

As of April 14, seven states in the northeast of the United States accounted for more than 325,000 confirmed cases, more than half of the total number of infected in the country, and more than 14,400 deaths (63% of the total).

Hundreds of people die in New York state, the most affected region of the United States, every day from complications related to the coronavirus. New York officials said last week that HART island, used for decades as a last resort for those whose bodies were unclaimed by their loved ones for burial, is now set aside for “unclaimed coronavirus victims.” HART, which New Yorkers call “the Island of the dead”, has been used by the city as a public cemetery for more than 150 years and is managed by the New York Department of corrections. More than a million people are buried here. The people buried on HART island are mostly people who were “unclaimed” in local morgues for a period of 30 to 60 days.

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