Saudi oil has problems in the US

Supertankers with Saudi oil arriving on the us East coast have started experiencing serious problems with unloading, Bloomberg reports.

The process usually takes 4-6 days, but currently ships that store about two million barrels are waiting much longer. So, Dalian is only half unloaded, although it arrived at the port on may 1, and Lulu and Aslaf spent two weeks.

The reason was the lack of small vessels with a capacity of about 600 thousand barrels, which are used for transporting raw materials to land. However, the situation may deteriorate significantly in the near future.

If seven supertankers from Saudi Arabia were sent to the US in normal times, then in April, according to Peter sand, chief shipping analyst at the VIMSOO industry group, there were 18 of them and they are still on the way.

The shortage of small vessels is due to the fact that oil producers have started using them to store raw materials for which there is no demand. At first, supertankers were used for this purpose, but when they disappeared from the market, vessels with a capacity of up to 800 thousand barrels were also used. Even at the end of April, the cost of their freight reached record levels, so the possibility of using ships for unloading is limited.

Saudi Arabia in April increased oil supplies to the United States by four times compared to the February level. At the same time, American producers in the same period experienced problems with the demand for oil.

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