Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

Trump said he can imagine a French exit from NATO

According to the us President, this would be surprising, since no one needs NATO more than France

Us President Donald trump said on Tuesday that he could imagine France withdrawing from NATO, which he believes would be surprising as it needs more protection than anyone else.

“I really imagine France coming out,” he told reporters at a meeting with the head of NATO in London.

“I look at [French President Emmanuel Macron] and say he needs protection more than anyone else and I imagine him walking away. So I’m a little surprised by that, ” trump said.

Trump also said that the situation with the European Union could become very complicated if there are no improvements in the bloc’s trade and relations with NATO.

“The European Union is treating the U.S. on trade very, very unfairly,” trump said. “The trade deficits in the U.S. and Europe have been astronomical in their favor for years.”

“It is wrong to be used in terms of NATO and in terms of trade, and that is what is happening. We cannot allow this, ” the us President continued. – We are discussing trade with the EU and they need to improve, otherwise the situation will become very difficult.”