Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Trump appointee admitted that aid to Ukraine was linked to dirt on Biden

The new testimony of Gordon Sondland, officially transmitted to Congress last Monday and published the next day, in Washington has already been called the “heaviest blow” to the strategy of protecting President trump.

“The transcript of Ambassador Sondland’s testimony … demonstrates how trump’s attempts to pressure Ukraine into serving his personal political goals have progressed, “Democrat Adam Schiff, head of the house intelligence Committee, tweeted.

Why did Sondland change his testimony?
Ambassador Gordon Sondland played a key role in the secret negotiations between the us administration and the government of Vladimir Zelensky. On October 3, he testified for several hours at a closed-door congressional hearing.

It was his speech that became the main argument for representatives of the White house and Republicans on Capitol hill, speaking in defense of President trump. In his testimony, Ambassador Sondland consistently denied that the administration used the quid Pro quo principle in negotiations with Kiev representatives, and stated that the White house never linked the issue of providing military assistance to Ukraine with the investigation of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

At the end of last week, Democrats announced that they were ready to publish transcripts of speeches by former and current administration officials, including the transcript of the Ambassador’s speech to the EU. On the afternoon of Monday, November 3, Sondland abruptly announced that he would like to change his testimony, and submitted to Congress “multi-page amendments” to the transcript of the last speech.

According to observers, the reason for this step was the testimony of other witnesses, who in their speeches to Congress directly refuted the statements of Sondland. These contradictions Democrats in Congress considered so serious that they announced the possibility of officially accusing the diplomat of perjury under oath.