Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

The strongest explosions in the Universe first recorded by ground-based telescopes

Some of the strongest explosions that occur in the Universe are gamma-ray bursts. For the first time they were caught using ground-based radio telescopes.

Such impulses are fast, incredibly powerful, occurring about once a day when light from some distant cataclysm reaches us. This could be the result of the collapse of massive stars or the fusion of neutron stars in distant galaxies.

Two specialized telescopes. HESS and MAGIC in Namibia and Spain helped astronomers see and measure two gamma-ray bursts that included 100 billion times more energy than visible light. According to scientists, this is the most energetically powerful radiation of gamma rays ever seen. It creates the brightest source of high-energy light in the Universe, and it is visible even from the surface of the Earth.

The results are published in the journal Nature.