Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

President of the United States visited fire sites in California

US President Donald Trump visited California, which suffered the most from forest fires the city of Paradise in the north and Malibu in the south of the state.

The strongest fire is raging north of Sacramento. Firefighters managed to take control of only slightly more than half the fire area. At the moment, the elements claimed the lives of 76 people and destroyed about ten thousand houses. 1300 residents of the state are considered to be missing. Most deaths in the city of Paradise. It was there that President Trump visited to personally get acquainted with the consequences of the elements. Expressing his sympathy to the families of the victims, he promised federal assistance to the state, thanked the firefighters and rescuers. At the same time, the president called for improving the work of the park service, which, according to him, does not properly care for forests.

“We haven’t seen this yet, in California we haven’t seen it before,” Trump said.

“I want us to have a clean climate. And we will have it. We will have very, very safe forests. Because we cannot deal with this every year. We will have safe forests. And this is already happening. Here while we are talking, Trump said.