Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Ovechkin gave Trump a Christmas sweater of the capitals hockey club»

Washington capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin celebrated Christmas with us President Donald trump at his Florida residence

The captain of the NHL’s leading regular-season club, the Washington capitals, and one of the League’s leading scorers, Alexander Ovechkin, along with his wife, Anastasia Shubskaya, were invited to a Christmas party at the estate of US President Donald Trumpavo in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

As appears from many numerical photos in social networks, Ovechkin presented to the President of the USA a game sweater of hockey club Washington Capitals with the surname.

Donald trump has previously met with a popular Russian hockey player. Traditionally, the President of the United States every year invites to the White house the players of the winning teams of national professional leagues and student Championships. In March, the capitals also received this honor-after the Washington club won the Stanley Cup for the first time in its history in 2018, defeating the Vegas Golden knights in the final.

After winning the Stanley Cup, trump immediately tweeted congratulations on the victory of the Washington hockey players and their captain Alexander Ovechkin, whom the American President called “a real superstar”.

This season, the capitals continue to confidently lead the NHL championship, taking the number of points and wins first place in the Eastern conference. The capitals captain has already scored 23 goals this season. In total, he has 681 goals during his NHL appearance since 2005, which allowed him to approach the top ten in the list of the NHL’s top scorers of all time. According to experts, with the successful continuation of his career, 34-year-old Alexander Ovechkin has a chance not only to enter the top ten, but also to bypass the number of goals thrown at the NHL Championships, the leader of this list and the legend of world hockey Wayne Gretzky, who has 894 goals on his account.

In 2017, Alexander Ovechkin created the Putin Team movement to support Vladimir Putin in the 2018 presidential election, “to unite those who are proud of Russia and our President and want to make our country stronger.” This decision has caused criticism both in the ranks of the Russian opposition and among ordinary hockey fans who oppose the politicization of sports.