Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

A new caravan of migrants launched in the United States from El Salvador

From El Salvador to the United States set off a new caravan of migrants. Its number is about two hundred people.

The number of participants in the march, as well as the previous three, on the road may increase tenfold. Refugees to get to the United States will have to go through Guatemala and Mexico, according to the portal Prensa Grafica.

Currently, several thousand migrants from Honduras are also moving to the US borders across Mexico. The authorities said they would not accept illegal migrants, and increased security at the border. Trump ordered to increase the military presence on the border with Mexico to 15 thousand soldiers to stop the caravans of migrants. The total number of people willing to get into the United States is about seven thousand people.

Last week, the avant-garde caravan of migrants from Central America has already reached the American border. In the first group of over 350 people, they arrived in Tijuana on nine buses, far ahead of the rest of the applicants for a good life in the United States. Part of the caravan Mexican authorities placed in one of the city shelters, where migrants were provided with food, food and other necessary assistance.

Dozens of migrants climbed the border fence separating Mexico and the United States. One person even jumped into the United States, but then came back.

According to American law, if a migrant at the border presented evidence of his persecution in his home country, then before making a decision on granting him political asylum, he should be sent to a temporary detention center.

US Vice President Mike Pence had previously accused Venezuela of financing a multi-thousand caravan of migrants. He stressed that the US administration will do everything to prevent migrants from violating the borders of the United States.